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If you are a patient with an Aptis prosthesis, or someone considering receiving one, please use this forum to share your opinions, experience or questions.

Hello Linda.

The weight restrictions are 20 lbs for the affected hand.

If you have further questions, please contact us at

John, Aptis Medical - Apr 04, 2017

What are the weight limitations as well as exercise limitations following surgery??

Linda, Illinois - Apr 03, 2017

Hello Everyone,

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John (APTIS MEDICAL) - Dec 20, 2016

I broke both my ulna and radius at the wrist in a motorcycle accident 18 months ago. After 3 surgeries, I still do not have the ability to bend or rotate my wrist without a ton of pain.
My orthopedic surgeon wanted to fuse my wrist and I asked for a second opinion. The specialist he referred me to has suggested this implant as an alternative. I met with him today and my surgery is set for late February. He says I will not be able to go back to work until at least three months after the surgery and then I will have restrictions on what I can lift or pull on. He is concerned that my lifestyle is too active and the implant might become loose after a year or two if I abuse it. What are my restrictions? I love to cruise on my motorcycle (Honda Goldwing) and skiing, fishing and hiking are important to me. I don't think this is too much, but then I am not the doctor.

Dave in Vancouver, Canada - Dec 19, 2016

I got the surgery for a Shecker prosthetic on 11/15/16 because of Madelung's Deformity in my left wrist. My doctor has put my wrist in the third cast, two days ago. It seems like the other cases on this site started using and exercising their wrists right away. I feel very uncomfortable in the cast. Would I get better healing in a removable splint with physical therapy? I write left-handed, but do everything else right-handed, so I'm feeling quite useless right now. I also still feel some pain in my arm where the post is. It feels like sometimes my wrist swells up and the cast feels very tight and confining. I don't want to complain. If this is just normal healing, then I will try to be more patient.

Laura in Oregon - Nov 30, 2016

I am one year post op and adhere to the 20 lb lifting restriction. I have not been wearing a splint, but do use kinesiotape at times (I also have a scapholunate ligament injury). I intend to wear a zipper splint for skiing this winter just in case.

Colorado - Oct 24, 2016

I'm having the Aptis prosthesis surgery in two weeks... I have had three prior surgeries in the past 5 months with no results.. The last one in July was a nightmare.. I'm very confident in my new doctor but still a bit scared. I would love to talk to someone who has had the surgery.

Diane Z. - Oct 08, 2016

Coming up on my 7th gear with the prosthesis. I have returned to Tae Kwon Do (no contact) and enjoy being pain free. I do have days where I have swelling and/or aching but they are very few. I do adhere to the 20lb weight limit. Would be curious to know how long people have had theirs and if anyone uses a brace when exercising!

Dawn, IL - Oct 05, 2016

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