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If you are a patient with an Aptis prosthesis, or someone considering receiving one, please use this forum to share your opinions, experience or questions.

I’ve had a right wrist fusion 22ish yrs ago and a mono bloc ulnar head replacement 3yrs ago which is not doing the required job (elimination of pain) it’s now recommended a scheker prosthesis goes in .. this will be op number 6 on that wrist
At this stage even just using a mouse and typing hurts after a short time
What are people’s experience with wrist fusion and the scheker prosthesis??

Heath Melbourne Australia - Jan 17, 2019

I had the surgery on December 27th 2017 by Dr. Ky Kobayashi. I am pain free and back to cycling and fly fishing. My ROM is almost back to normal.

Dan Jewell Colorado Springs, CO - Apr 24, 2018

I had the APTIS DRUJ installed on my left wrist about 5 yrs ago. I slowly pushed the weight limitations on it as it grew stronger. Today, I am back in the gym 5 plus days a week continuing my passion as an amateur bodybuilder. I weigh 220lbs with very little body fat. This would not be possible without the implant. I can bench press with 120 lb dumbbells, deadlift (without wrist straps) over 350 lbs on barbell, single arm row with 120 lb dumbbells, overhead tricep extension with 110 lb dumbell, and curl 60 lb dumbbells. I am not saying this to brag but to show that if you want to push the limitations, it is possible. I am not recommending this however, because I may be wearing out my prosthesis faster than usual but that is the price I am willing to pay. Please contact me if you have any further questions. Email - Phone (203) 641-3173. Thank you. Also to APTIS, if you want to set up an appointment to see how the prosthesis is holding up and possible use me as a case study, feel free to contact me.

Daniel Liscinsky - Jan 20, 2018

I am now 10 months post op. I am basically pain free with about 90% rotation. I can bend my wrist down just as far as my good wrist, but cannot bend it up past about 15deg.
I am back to regular activities without much difficulty.
I am happy with the result considering how badly my wrist was damaged.

Dave, Vancouver - Jan 01, 2018

I have just had the surgery a month ago, and am already very happy with the results. I am wondering if I will need some form of documentation to go through airport security?

Carmela, Louisville KY - Nov 09, 2017

I have been waiting,9moths now for my implant was all set in June, then fell off the radar .today I found out I will be receiving this implant ,hopefully by Oct. I really don't see this happening do to all other delays. My life on hold unable to work,.now I read of 20lb restrictions which will probably end my career as an R.R.T. will I have full motion and dexterity, will I be able to do CPR effectively .and my healing processing had a large piece of my ulna removed for 9mons. Now , and who knows how much longer, I see complaints of pain and swelling with use a down the road ,is this every one or select cases, what is the ratio 1 of ten 4 of ten? Excited and apprehensive, this is my rt arm I am rt handed,

Joel - Sep 29, 2017

I had the aptis device implanted in my right wrist on 4/17/2015. It had been really good overall but I had reported to my surgeon at every visit for the last 2 years and finally was referred to Dr Wayment in Twin Falls Idaho for evaluation. Found out the stem in my prosthesis is wobbly. My dr here said it isn't wobbly so I searched for another physician in our area and finally located one that is willing to do the replacement of the stem. He has also spoken to De Wayment in Idaho and they are on the same page. I am having the surgery on 9/19. Hopefully I will be pain free then. My wrist does not get a rest since I am right handed. I was back bowling 5 months after surgery and will be back bowling after this surgery too. I am confident in this new doctor and will continue to see him if there are anymore issues.

Rene, Sioux Falls SD - Sep 04, 2017

I had my DRUJ replacement February 2010. I have had wrist fusion in 2015. The only motion I have left is from the DRUJ replacement. Now I have swelling and pain at the joint site. My Doctor thinks the DRUJ prosthesis may be wearing out. Does anyone know if the plastic bushing in the prosthesis can be replaced?

Thank you!

Curt, Indianapolis - Aug 24, 2017

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