Dr. Scheker

Dr. Scheker has studied the DRUJ for over 25 years and in 1989 created a technique to save the unstable joint by ligament reconstruction.  He combined this technique with ulnar shortening to lengthen the life of early posttraumatic arthritis of the DRUJ.  For cases in which the joint was beyond repair, he created a total DRUJ implant.  In 1997, he implanted this self-stabilizing DRUJ prosthesis for the first time.

Dr. Scheker has vast experience in hand surgery that began in the late 1970s.  He graduated from the University of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, an institution founded in 1538.  He furthered his education in London, England and Glasgow, Scotland where his knowledge of microsurgery expanded in reconstruction of the head and neck, replantation of amputated fingers and hands, reconstruction of the extremities including the mutilated hand, treatment of congenital anomalies, and arthritides of the hand in posttraumatic, degenerative and rheumatoid patients.  After years as a Senior Registrar at Cannisburn Hospital in Glasgow, Dr. Scheker moved to Louisville, KY for his fellowship in hand surgery at the University of Louisville in 1982.

Currently, Dr. Scheker is an associate professor of Hand Surgery at the University of Louisville, an associate consulting professor at Duke University, a member of the board of the Christine M. Kleinert Institute for Hand and Microsurgery, has published over 200 articles and book chapters, and holds multiple honorary professorships.  Dr. Scheker practices in both Louisville, KY and New Albany, IN.

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